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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use every participating professional?

You don’t have to do anything! This is simply a list of trusted professionals we’ve pulled together that wish to help our Hometown Heroes. As always, you have the freedom to use any professional in any of these fields that you see fit. Pick & choose for discounts as you like.

What if I’m buying and selling a home?

If you’re selling a home and then buying a new one, yes, you can double dip. Savings will be offered to you on both transactions for all applicable services. Certain discounts are geared towards buyers, while others are geared towards sellers. Take lender closing costs for example. You won’t reap these rewards as a seller, because you simply won’t have the cost in the first place. Feel free to call or send us message and we can explain which are applicable in your situation.

Does it cost anything to participate?

Absolutely not. This is a benefit offered to our local heroes, with zero cost to participate. The program was created with the intention to give back.

Should I tell other Hometown Heroes about this program?

Only if you like them and want to save them money. If you don’t like them… shhh. Just kidding, of course you should tell them! Our goal is to help help as many Hometown Heroes as humanly possible.

How were participating professionals selected?

Carefully. All of the professionals participating in this program are people we would use for our own real estate transactions. We trust them immensely. We would recommend them to our closest friends and family in a second. Each one of these professionals care about the people in the deal, not the numbers.

Does this program include administrative staff within our Police, Fire, EMS and school systems?

We currently honor this program for ALL staff of each agency.