The Reveal!

We are located at 4409 W. Hwy 146 in Buckner, Ky.

There is something so redeeming about taking a place with zero appeal and making it beautiful. In the case of our office, this building has taken on new meaning.

The quote makes it sounds simple but, believe me, it’s not for the faint at heart. If it were, I’m sure it would not be nearly as rewarding. From the old tile floors to the textured ceilings, there was extensive work to be done. (If you haven’t looked at the before pictures, click here to read ‘We Bought a Building: Part 1’).

Throughout the process we’ve considered this to be a great reminder for our clients. Sometimes you don’t find the perfect house (or office). Instead, you find an opportunity to make a house perfect for you. We can vouch for that. More importantly, you’ll never find it when you’re “ready”. You’ve got to dive in head-first, with a little uncertainty and a lot of determination.

Without further ado, here is the final product. Somehow, we managed to stash all of our work and lingering Christmas decorations away to get some photos. We hope our project inspires others and, by all means, stop by and see it in person sometime.

We still have some work to complete on the exterior, but stay tuned for a full recap of that process. Once complete, we’ll be throwing a reveal party later this year!

We got help from great home professionals as well as some of our favorite stores and local places.