Introducing Homes for Hope – Building locally to fight poverty globally

Listen up! We have an extremely exciting project coming up in 2017. We are so excited to have the opportunity to contribute our services in marketing a very meaningful Key Homes build. Key Homes has decided to partner with a national organization called Homes for Hope, where they essentially volunteer to build a home on a local level, and use profits to help fight poverty on a global level. Such a cool concept, and a true reflection of the character of the Key Homes Team.

About Homes for Hope…

The impact

This is Teresa. She runs a small sewing business in the Dominican Republic where she mends and sells clothes from a small workshop in front of her house. Teresa took a small loan from Hope International to buy a foot-action singer sewing machine. This transformed her business, allowing her to take more orders and fulfill them in a much shorter time. With profits from her growing business, she has been able to purchase healthcare, provide for her family, and make significant improvements to her home.

Homes for Hope is a charitable non-profit organization that operates within the building industry. They partner with builders to build a ‘Home for Hope’ – essentially a benefit home – on a largely pro bono basis. The home sale generates revenue, which is used to help eradicate poverty in developing countries worldwide.

Homebuilder and HOPE International founder Jeff Rutt established the program in 1998 to invite builders to empower fellow entrepreneurs in developing countries through sustainable solutions to physical and spiritual poverty. “I love building homes, but there’s nothing more rewarding than building lives,” says Rutt. While HOPE International was originally founded to reach one Ukrainian community, Jeff’s dream for HOPE began to grow as the first 12 small-loan recipients successfully built sustainable businesses, provided for their families, and repaid the funds with interest.

As the concept—called microfinance—began to catch on, Jeff was confronted with demand that far exceeded the loans he was able to supply. As he pondered how to raise funds for this burgeoning organization, Jeff realized that his day job could offer the perfect solution.

In April 1998, Jeff decided to build the first Home for Hope. He picked up the phone and began making calls to his trade partners: subcontractors, suppliers, and consultants. Instead of asking for a check, I asked them if they would donate their profit on a job, he explains. When they said yes, Jeff admits he was both surprised and excited by their enthusiasm, and the Homes for Hope program was born. People really want to help, and this is a great way, because these guys are doing what they are talented at doing: running front-end loaders, putting up drywall, designing a structure, or choosing the right appliances. They feel really great about the fact that they’re able to help transform somebody’s life on the other side of the world, by doing what they do for a living right here.

About the local build

828 Artisan Pkwy LaGrange, Ky 40031

Through this Home for Hope, it is our goal in assisting 2,500 people grow their business and escape poverty.

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How it Works

This home will be priced and sold just like a traditional sale. Key Homes and their trade partners will contribute their profits to this cause. So for the buyer, this will be no different than purchasing a typical build other than the fact that this home will come along with one heck of a story!

Stay tuned for more information as we get this home on the market and underway. In the meantime, enjoy some pictures from our recent ground breaking ceremony. Thanks again to Key Homes for giving us the opportunity to contribute to such a great cause!

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